Stage 1 

NFT Collection 


 Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the magical world of Owls, as our 100% hand drawn NFTs, crafted by the talented Owlgician, @Cuget_x, are poised to whisk you away into realms unknown.

Stage I will see the emergence of 777 NFTs - Creator Owls, divided into 7 themed and meticulously organized Sectors.
Each Sector holds its own unique attributes, meaning, and role in the Nest, yet they must work together in unity, precision, and perfection mode.

That's why each Sector is guided by "The VII" Owl Seers - a total of 49 unique NFTs 1/1, ready to lead Owls into the Great Game!
Owning these masterpieces comes with incredible benefits, including 77+ special traits such as Owlrora aura, Shieldbearer Sigils, and Diamond Necklaces, just to name a few!

Stage I mint within @OwlCitizensX is set to commence on the leap day of February 29th on @xoxnoNFTs.