Sector 4


as we journey through the dynamic landscape of the VII Sectors within our city, Sector IV stands as a beacon of communication, information, and connection.
imagine the Post Owls as the heralds of our city, delivering the latest news, important notifications, and gentle reminders right to your doorstep.
whether it's an announcement about upcoming events, reminders of important milestones, or the latest developments within our @MultiversX journey, the Post Owls ensure that you never miss a beat.

nestled within the scattered disk of the outer solar system lies the dwarf planet Eris, home to the Post Owls.
in this realm of strife and discord, they diligently fulfill their duty as messengers, traversing the high-eccentricity orbit with grace and efficiency.
represented by the soothing hue of deep blue, the Post Owls evoke the imagery of mailboxes, envelopes, and the timeless tradition of postal service.

their presence serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and connection in our ever-evolving world.
at the heart of Sector IV lies a commitment to fostering connections and facilitating communication among Owl Citizens.

whether it's sharing updates, exchanging ideas, or simply reaching out to one another, the Post Owls play a vital role in bringing our community closer together.
guiding Sector IV with wisdom and foresight is none other than @CoinUbub, alongside their steadfast companion, the OwlSlayer - @GaneaV.
together, they embody the spirit of leadership, resilience, and dedication, steering Sector IV towards new horizons of progress and prosperity.

are you ready to open your doors to the Post Owls, to stay informed and engaged as we navigate the vast expanse of the @MultiversX?


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