Sector 1


today, we embark on a journey of revelation as we unveil the mystique of Sector I - the sanctuary of the Mystery Owls. 
picture, if you will, the Mystery Owl – a paragon of existence, embodying the quintessence of knowledge, wisdom, spiritualism, and the arcane forces that govern the universe.
these celestial beings find solace amidst the majestic rings of Saturn, where they imbibe the cosmic energies to illuminate the path towards enlightenment.

charged with vitality, they soar through the cosmos, spreading the word of the finest builders and projects sheltered within @MultiversX.
enshrouded in the ethereal depths of deep purple, the Mystery Owls stand as symbols of enigma, magic, and allure.
this hue created by our Owlgician @Cuget_x, steeped in mystery and mystique, serves as a fire of light to all seekers of the unknown, guiding them towards the secrets that lie within Sector I.
sector I encourage all challengers to join on this extraordinary odyssey, where every journeyer can unearth their supreme role within our flourishing ecosystem.
whether you aspire to unravel the mysteries of the blockchains, craft innovative Dapps, or commune with the essence of momentum, the Mystery Owls shall serve as steadfast guides, illuminating the path towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

at the helm of Sector I, we are honored to introduce the esteemed Secret Owl, @TeodorescuRobby, and its indomitable companion, the Undead Sentinel, @Mishuliki.
together, they stand as custodians of wisdom, orchestrating the symphony of Sector I's existence and leading all VII Sectors towards their zenith.
spread your wings and ascend to new heights of enlightenment, as we unravel the mysteries of MultiversX and shape a future brimming with infinite possibilities.


Sector 2