Welcome to OwlAcademyX, the premier destination for all Web3 enthusiasts, knowledge seekers, and newcomers eager to embark on the adventure of @MultiversX and beyond.

At OwlAcademyX, we believe that education is the cornerstone of adoption.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, understanding the fundamentals is essential, and "DYOR" (Do Your Own Research) is often touted as the mantra.

However, we recognize that barriers such as language, lack of understanding of Web3 basics, and blockchain fundamentals can hinder this process.

That's where OwlAcademyX steps in. Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where insights, ideas, and visions of all sizes are valued. We understand that not everyone is equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of Web3 independently. Hence, we offer guidance on essential topics such as understanding blockchain basics, what a token is, and crucial factors to consider when joining a project.

But OwlAcademyX goes beyond theoretical learning. We bring together project owners from @MultiversX and other chains to share their visions in a clear and accessible manner.

Moreover,we collaborate with real-world business personalities to bridge the gap between the Web3 and Web2 worlds.
To ensure inclusivity, we've even enlisted the expertise of an English teacher to facilitate basic English courses for those in need.

As a token of appreciation for your dedication to learning, OwlAcademyX offers various rewards.
Attendees can participate in farming options while attending courses and engage in quizzes at the end of each week's lessons.
Each action, quiz, and course attendance is tracked through a special NFT pass linked to your ERD wallet, ensuring transparency and accountability.

To further demonstrate our commitment, we invest 100 #EGLD from each stage into OwlAcademyX, enabling automation, facilitating payments, and enhancing rewards for participants.

Are you ready to broaden your understanding and vision within @MultiversX? Join us at OwlAcademyX, where knowledge knows no bounds, and every journey begins with a single step towards enlightenment.